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TART – Branding & Promotion

The company «TART» is a creative workshop for the development of original, working and effective brands and websites to promote them.

What can “Tart” do?
– Create a brand;
– Create a logo;
– Create a website;
– Create a video;
– Create a corporate (corporate identity) style;
– Create a Brand Book (guideline);
– Develop Business cards, envelopes, forms;
– Create a Label design and packaging.

Depending on the features, specificity and dimension of projects that «Tart» takes part, make use of qualified specialists and consultants, such as: Programmers, SEO-experts, Designers, Copywriters, Content managers, Studio video editors, Marketing and Project managers.

The etymology of the name “Tart” (from the French tarte- «cake») is not accidental.
Brand – it is like a cake – ingredients and content are always different, also like the visual part, but all cakes are made with one purpose – to please their target audience and, of course, to be “eaten” and selected more than once. A good brand is clear without explanation, as Prague or Kiev cake, Napoleon, Brownie or Esterhazy.
However, there are a lot of ways of cooking and recipes, but prescriptions how to achieve universal “favorite”, recognition and popularity – are always different.

That’s exactly it and engaged in “Tart”: through a variety of tools and techniques Tart creates a brand and promote it.


Additional information

Company Size

1 – 10 employees


Branding, Product Design, Product Development, Web application development


Branding, E-commerce, Education, Promotion


Chatbot development, Platform Development, UI/UX


Google Cloud, OpenCart, Wordpress


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