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Hochu rayu

“We create microworlds” – is the message of our bureau

Hochu rayu is a Ukrainian design bureau founded by brothers Yurii and Vitalii Kyryliv in collaboration with Danuta Kril. The main idea of our bureau is to create microworlds – holistic, unique stories that reveal the uniqueness of the brand.

Our main areas of activity are Space Design (Architecture, Landscape, Interior with Objects and Elements) with Communication Elements (Graphic Design, Photo, Video …) and Product Design (Furniture, Equipment, Gadgets, Elements).

Creating a product design, we transform the product into a unique microworld that will successfully complement your personal space or present your business idea.

The works of the Hochu rayu Design Bureau have received numerous awards at both national and international levels, and have received such awards as the A’s Design Award by Marc Praquin and the London VM Christmas…


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Company Size

1 – 10 employees


Industrial Design, Product Design, R&D and innovations, Space Design


Consumer Products, Education, Retail


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