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Hello everyone!

We are truly excited to start this journey of Ukraine IT now with you!
From the very beginning of this project we kept searching for ways to promote the great potential of Ukrainian IT market abroad.
In close cooperation with tech experts, marketing experts, media and PR experts, we came up with the idea of the platform that will showcase the real picture of our most potent industry in Ukraine.


We want to make the real hugeness, enormousness, immenseness of our IT market visible to the world. The beautiful big community of bright, intelligent, modern, innovative, genius experts of all sorts and kinds.

We believe, that it is possible to gather all, absolutely all companies that provide IT services in Ukraine. No matter what size, technological skillset, level of expertise – we want you all here, on the platform!

So all the companies will be gathered in the Company List so the potential partners from abroad could easily find and contact the company which suits their project requirements best. To be published on this platform you will need to fill in a short application form. Feel free to check all the information in the How to apply article or click the button below.

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Who We Are

We are a small team of people who have a huge idea – a well-known comfortable meeting place for potential customers and Ukrainian IT service-providers.
Knowing the challenges of today’s world: competitiveness, information overload, limited budgets and short timeframes – we want to build a quick and easy bridge between customer’s technological needs and vendor’s expertise, technical challenges and professional help, ideas and execution.

What do you see

You see a pre-alpha version of the Ukraine IT now platform.
We’ve gathered different ideas, recommendations and needs in one place to show you how this unique Ukrainian marketplace can operate.
We’ve built a prototype to share the idea with you and to build a community around it.

What`s next

And now we need your help. To make this platform a really comfortable place to be and to search for potential technological partner, we need as much of your feedback as we can get.
To make this possible – please take a tour of the platform and fill the feedback form for us.
As soon as we gather enough of your ideas on how to make this place better – we will start the full version of Ukraine IT now platform.

So let`s make this place – the best place ever! Together!

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Relevant Software Will Expand Its Market Presence With the Support of the USAID CEP Program

Relevant Software



Relevant Software, a software development outsourcing company, will expand its marketing activities and market presence with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (CEP).

The company will create articles on best practices in software development outsourcing and product development to help tech leaders built world-class software in a better way. The topics include general software development outsourcing tips, fintech market insights, fintech product development guides, and best practices on hiring and managing remote software developers. The company aims to make its blog a great media resource for tech leaders worldwide with industry insights and practical guides.

About the program

The USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (CEP) supports startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) aiming to provide support for competitive industries and firms on Ukrainian and international markets, foster a better business enabling environment, and enabling Ukrainian companies to benefit from international trade.

Relevant Software’s goals

Ukraine is one of the key exporters of software development services, and one of the USAID CEP’s goal is to help SMEs like Relevant Software extend their export abilities and create new jobs.

Relevant will use the received grant to expand its media presence and establish thought leadership in the tech industry through content marketing. Helping more people learn about Ukraine as a software development outsourcing destination, the company will open new business opportunities and create new jobs in 2021.

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Ukrainian IT Awards




The show is coming!
The final and award ceremony of the largest IT talent competition in Ukraine — the Ukrainian IT Awards.

This year organizers received a record number of applications:
⭐182 applications from more than
⭐106 IT companies!
⭐33 applications have reached the final, and we will find out the names of the winners on December 10 in real-time on the event page!
⭐Here Ukrainian IT Awards

This time IT professionals will compete in 11 individual and team nominations:
▪ Software Engineering
▪ Quality Assurance
▪ Management
▪ IT-education
▪ Infrastructure&DevOps
▪ Design
▪ Product Management
▪ Business Analysis
▪ Software Architecture
▪ Innovation Research of the Year
▪ Impact of the Year

⭐ Toronto TV star hosts Michael Schur and Alexandra Gontar will announce the winners. And musical accompaniment by
⭐Dj Daria Kolomiec will give the holiday a unique sound.
Stay tuned!

👥 Ukrainian IT Awards was founded in 2012 by SoftServe – one of the largest IT service companies in Ukraine. In 2017, the Association “IT Ukraine” became the co-organizer of the competition and in 2020 became its main organizer. SoftServe, EPAM Ukraine, Ubisoft, and Intellias are nomination partners. This year the competition is supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

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Data Science Meetup




On 25th February, Boris Pratsyuk and Alexander Savsunenko will talk about the data science in a product companies, and will share their own experience and observations.

When: February 25,2020, 19:00-21:00.
Where: Creative Quarter, Gulliver, Kyiv.
Boris Pratsyuk, CTO, Scalarr
Theme: How Big Data and Data Science help fighting fraud

Boris will tell how in the world of digital advertising the bad guys steal money from the app developers who show ads in their apps. Also, how different types of frod look from the data point. How the infrastructure of the whole solution is organized. And finally, he reveals a secret: the difference between data science in outsourcing and product companies.

Борис розповість про те, як у світі цифрової реклами погані хлопці крадуть гроші у розробників додатків, що показують рекламу в своїх додатках. Як з точки даних виглядають різні типи фроду. Як організована інфраструктура усього рішення та які  потрібно мати ролі. І наостанок, розкриє мега таємницю: різниця між data science в аутсорсі та продукті.
Alexander Savsunenko, Senior Research Engineer
Theme: Leveling up your data flow

Alexander has an experience in creating AI/ML algorithms for the business applications. Works with state-of-the-art CV algorithms. Previously, he developed a CV solution for Luminar Photo Editor. Product Model Mistakes from the development to production: How to Work with the growing datasets? How to build an iterative ML model development system? Why do data science need QAs and what is their role?

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